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Experience and quality you can trust!

SOLD OUT!!!  Thanks to everyone who called.

1 Day August 28

Anacapa aboard the PEACE...come join us for a great day aboard a GREAT boat. We only have limited spots, so call the shop soon. Only $139  & includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks & air fills. NITROX available. Not NITROX certified??? Call the shop - we currently have a special for NITROX certification!!! For those that have not been on the PEACE, a hot tub to be enjoyed after your dives! Book online HERE  or call the shop (818) 345-3483

Labor Day Weekend on the CeeRay

2 Days September 4-5 

We board the CeeRay Saturday night,,,sleep on our way to Santa Barbara Island...wake up to breakfast and diving. Up to 4 day dives and 2 night dives....we go to sleep and in the wee hours of the morning we move to Farnsworth Banks....and dive at dawn!!! 2 - 3 more dives at Catalina depending upon conditions and time. 9 - 10 tank trip. Great food & a great crew! Limited load, Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast & lunch along with drinks, snacks and air fills. Call the shop to reserve your spot or visit our website and pay online HERE  or call the shop (818) 345-3483
Only $330
7620 Tampa Ave
Reseda, CA 91335
​(818) 345-3483