​Why choose ALOHA DIVE for your Scuba Certification Course? The answer is simple,
  • ​​60+  years of  combined Diving Experience
  • ​Quality Professional Training
  • Worldwide Scuba Diving Certification
  • Smaller Classes
  • ​Flexible classroom and pool schedules to fit the student's needs
  • ​Flexible pricing to fit your budget
  • ​Student Financing available on  equipment packages
  • ​Ask how to get a FREE certification course!

"Your Scuba Diving Professionals, Quality & Experience that is Affortable"
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Sit back, relax, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself being on a boat looking out at the ocean with the fresh salt air blowing on your face, you look up to see this beautiful Island. The boat stops & drops the anchor.  You look over the side of the boat to see clear water, kelp beds and maybe a seal or two swimming around. You stop and think, what beauty lies below the surface?  You don your scuba gear for the first time, jump in, put your head down and start to swim to the bottom below and what do you see for the first time?  Amazing kelp beds, fish and reefs and if you are really lucky an elusive black giant sea bass.
Come join ALOHA DIVE on your Boat excursion getaway to the beautiful California Channel Islands.  Why dive only one area of one Island when you can dive many areas of the 8 beautiful Islands we have?



Your scuba certification adventure begins with on-line academics where you learn the fundamentals of scuba equipment and the safe rules of scuba diving. Upon completion, we review the fundamentals in a classroom where you also learn to assemble your gear. Then it’s off to a private pool where you develop a comfortable training level of scuba skills. We then make reservations for your first of two Boat excursion getaway trips to the Channel Islands where all of your food and air fills are included. You board the boat in the morning and you discover the smell of hot coffee and they are cooking a hot breakfast, or if you prefer a continental breakfast, for you to enjoy on the way to the Island. After you have completed your first dive and are marveling at how beautiful it was, a snack is waiting for you.  After your second dive you surface to find the boat serves you a hot lunch; but is gets better. After you have completed the last dive of the day, you can relax in a hot tub, tan on the sundeck or take a hot shower then relax in your comfortable bunk on the trip home, but don’t forget to enjoy the desert the boat is serving.

 $429.00 Your Course includes:

​    * 2 instruction review class sessions
​    * Confined Instruction pool session(s)
​    * Up to 6 Open water instruction dives
​    * Scuba Equipment Rental: Cylinder, weights, BCD, wetsuit and regulator air delivery system

    * Online student material, Log Book, Dive Tables and Visual Certification Card upon completion

Additional Costs to Student:
   ​  ​
* Basic Personal Snorkeling Package (Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Booties, Hood, Gloves, SMB and a mesh Gear Bag) starting at $299.99

   * Open Water Boat Trips, based on availibility (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday)  2 Boat trips are required, up to 6 ocean dives.
   * The cost for each boat trip $115.00 (Thursday & Friday) $140.00-$160.00  for weekends. Boat trips include all food, beverages, snacks, air fills .
​   *  Weekend/Weekday  Ocean Trip to Catalina Island City of  Avalon (Casino Point) will be a cost of $185 per person, per trip,  plus student is responsible for an additional payment of  parking fees at Catalina Express terminal. Payment for any food or beverages and payment for any baggage delivery/pick up fee(s). If the student chooses to  rent cylinder(s), weights and/or additional air fills at Casino Point, student is responsible for additional payment.
​DISCLAIMER: Minimum age for a student is 10 yrs old.  Minimum class size is 4 Students. Student Must complete a medical statement. Classroom/Confined Water/Ocean Trips schedule may change at the option of ALOHA DIVE  and boat operator schedules. Open water trips include two individual boat trips, subject to availability and weather conditions.  Reservations required.  ALOHA DIVE reserves the right to change the boat trips to individual days (Saturday Day and/or Sunday Day or Midweek subject to availability) . In the event the open water trips are to City of Avalon, ( Casino Point) Catalina Island  ALOHA DIVE will book reservations on the Catalina Express.  Students are responsible for payment of parking at the Catalina Terminal, any and all food, drinks and any other matters of consumption on Catalina Island.  Payment for any air fills  and/or rental of cylinders and/or weights, baggage delivery/pick up fee(s) at Catalina Island are  an additional cost to Student and will be payable to Aloha Dive upon  booking reservations.  
​CANCELLATION POLICY ON OPEN WATER TRIPS:  Student is responsible to notify ALOHA DIVE within 7 days  prior to the Student 's scheduled boat or Catalina  Island open water trip. In the event Student fails to notify ALOHA DIVE within the time limit provided, Student will be responsible for  full payment.

ALOHA DIVE reserves the right to change open water ocean dives to a midweek or weekend boat trip, subject to availability, or two individual days (Saturday/Sunday) out to the local channel islands.  ALOHA DIVE reserves the right to modify or change it’s prices and policies at anytime without notice. The cost of this course is per person. ALOHA DIVE prides inself on smaller classes with more personal service. We want our students to experience fun, exciting and relaxing comfort on  open water oceans trips.  ALOHA DIVE does not cut corners by  providing open water instruction at our local beaches. Contact ALOHA DIVE for any and/or all additional restrictions and/or costs that may apply.

Private Classes
Semi-Private Classes 


Advanced Open Water

​Now that you have completed your scuba diver certification course, it’s time to complete ALOHA DIVE’s ADVANCED DIVER course.  By the end of this course you will have the skills, and training that will allow you experience more fun and exciting dives.  When you travel you can, show the dive professional’s your Advanced Diver card and enjoy the experience of more advanced diving trips.​

In ALOHA DIVE’s Advanced Diver Course you will complete a classroom session and six  advanced dives, including Deep Diving and underwater navigation.
It’s easy to get started on your advanced training. Contact one of the dive professional’s at ALOHA DIVE.

   All Materials to be complete before dives
   2 Deep Dives 
   2 Navigational Dives
   2 Fun dives 
   Rental Gear, if needed 

How to you get started. It’s simple-
Contact one of the dive professional’s at: 
ALOHA DIVE 818-345-3483 or
email [email protected]
to set up a free consultation

Rescue Diver 

The RESCURE DIVER CERTIFICATION COURSE improves a diver's skills and experience by teaching a diver to deal with all different types of stress that can lead to a panicked diver situation, unconscious divers and out of air emergencies associated with diving.  It also teaches CPR, First Aid, O2 and AED.

Diving accidents may occur because a diver is not properly trained, does not have the right equipment or does not know how to deal with stress. A diver may not know how to perform a self-rescue or how to rescue a buddy when diving. With ALOHA DIVE's 45+ year’s experience in diving, we train divers to be some of the best rescue divers in the sport of scuba. 

When you complete ALOHA DIVE's Rescue Certification Course, you will receive more knowledge, skills, experience, and training to become a more comfortable diver. You will be able to recognize the possibilities of a stressful diver or a diver that may have equipment problems. With this training you may be able to solve certain problems that may occur before a diver has a problem and may need to be rescued. 

Advanced Certified from a recognized certification
​agency is required to complet
e the course. 

     All classroom materials and instruction
     Pool and ocean instruction 
     Rental Gear including; tank, BCD, regulator, wetsuit and weights 
     Certification Card upon completion 

Boat trip is an additional cost

Contact one of the dive professional’s at: 
ALOHA DIVE 818-345-3483 or
email [email protected]
to set up a free consultation.



ALOHA DIVE offers a variety of specialty diver courses. We offer night, deep, underwater navigation and enriched air nitrox just to name a few. With this specialty training your education and skills will be improved.

Specialty Course Includes:
     All student materials
     Classroom and ocean instruction
     Rental Gear includes; tank, bcd, life support regulator system, wetsuit and weights
     Certification card upon completion
Additional Costs: one ocean boat trip is required. You can combine specialty course skills with one boat trip.


​ALOHA DIVE 818-345-3483 or
email [email protected]

Master Diver

The Most Elite Non-Professional Certification 

To be a Master Diver you must have the following:
     Basic Open Water
     Advanced Open Water
     Rescue Diver  
     At least 25 logged dives or 500 logged underwater minutes
     Be at least 15 years old

Once a diver has the necessary pre-requisites they can begin working towards their Master Diver Certification 

Course Includes: 

Student On-line training materials
All instructor training

Technical Diver

Join one of the most elite group of Divers by becoming a Certified Tech Diver through ALOHA DIVE.

ALOHA DIVE offers the finest quality of Technical Training in the industry.



Do you want to be a Professional Dive Leader?


The first step is ALOHA DIVE’s Worldwide Dive-Master leadership program. ALOHA DIVE has over 50 years of diving experience and 20+ years of leadership training. ALOHA DIVE will teach and train you to become one of the best dive leaders in the industry.

As a DIVEMASTER you will be trained to teach and assist in a variety of scuba diving classes, including skin diving, basic scuba diving, and specialty classes. We also include training in Dive mastering dive charter operations and conducting dive tours. Once you complete this course you can earn extra $$$.

Upon completion of your DIVEMASTER certification course, you are qualified to enroll in ALOHA DIVE’S Instructor Training Course. ALOHA DIVE will teach and train you in the necessary skills to teach scuba certification courses, including skin diving, basic scuba diving, varity of specialty courses and leadership training. Upon completion of your Instructor Course, you can teach and certify  students in these courses anywhere in the world where you choose to teach and get paid $$$$$.

Certain restrictions and pre-requisites apply. Contact ALOHA DIVE for all terms, conditions and costs.