About Us

ChrisChris received his first scuba diving certification in October 1972. Because of his passion for diving, he left the corporate world in 1997 and opened his first ALOHA DIVE store. He has over 10,000 dives to his credit, (and is still counting).  He currently holds a worldwide certification as a Master Instructor Trainer with NAUI and is the West Coast Regional Training Director with NASE.  In addition to these current certifications, ​Chris was a SSI Master Instructor Certifier, SSI Advance Nitrox Instructor, SSI Tek Instructor, TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor, SDI Instructor, ANDI Safeair1 and 2 Instructor and has held an instructor rating with another agencies. Additionally he is an equipment specialist and holds multiple factory certifications as a Master Repair technician.  Chris also holds a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine 200 ton Captain’s license.

DebDeb Disney is a partner, the Lead Instructor, Marketing Director and Coordinator for all ALOHA DIVE trips.  She started her diving career in early 2015 and it has become her passion in life.  Since the time she started, she has logged over 1000 dives and has achieved a Master Diver, TEK 1, Dive Master and is an Instructor Trainer.

Deb always is smiling and brings a positive, professional and passionate attitude to the business of diving.  The family and friends of ALOHA DIVE love working and diving with her.  Chris is lucky to have a gal like Deb as his partner. 

KitKit Kaffer began his diving career in 1983 and has logged over 1000 dives.  He has brought his passion for diving to Aloha Dive and our clients love him.

Besides being a personal trainer (second to none) he has been an instructor for over 10 years.  He has multiple certifications and teaches tech diving along with being a cave & rebreather diver.

If you are looking for a chance to do some technical diving, Kit is your man!

Lance the Wonderdog!L​ance started his life as a show dog extraordinaire.  After finishing his AKC championship he then moved on to the couch and became the shops mascot.

Lance is one big fat mamas boy, loves Papa Duck Chris, but most importantly,  he has become the meeter & greeter at ALOHA DIVE.  He is always quick to wag his tail and meet you at the door and possibly give you a big kiss and smile (yes, he does smile), but don’t be fooled, what he is really hoping for is a hand out of his favorite treat, the peanut butter pretzels that are kept in the shop.

Lance is currently not scuba certified.